At Home Humanitarian is a grassroots effort focused on socially integrating refugees,

asylees, and immigrants while building tolerance and understanding throughout their new communities. Our core work focuses on mentor matching, community acculturation

events, and providing extracurricular opportunities.

  • Help newly-arrived persons feel “At Home” in their new communities.
  • Provide U.S. citizens with opportunities to serve "At Home".
  • Guide newly arrived persons through becoming self-sufficient and preparing for prosperous college educations and careers.
  • Foster friendships, learning, tolerance, understanding, and healing among all participants.


Mentor + Mentee Matching | Volunteers can be matched with newly-arrived individuals and families to help answer any questions relating to American culture, customs, processes, laws, or community resources that would help their match feel more connected; help find solutions to needs such as finding a job, preparing for college, filing for FAFSA, fixing a car, or passing a driver's test; and provide opportunities to get out, explore surroundings, make new friends, learn a new skill or hobby, and connect to others within their communities.

Community Acculturation Events | Community managers, mentors, and mentees plan engaging quarterly events. Events can be sponsored by corporations or partner NPOs. Some upcoming events include career panels sponsored by Google, family dinners, beach and sightseeing outings, a night at a Giants Game. We are working to plan acculturation events in cities throughout the U.S. but need volunteers and funding from within those cities!

Extracurricular Classes and Grants | Volunteer time to teach different skills (ie programming, swimming, dance, soccer, photography, etc.) These are classes Mentors can take their Mentees to. With Extracurricular Grants, the idea is that mentees can request funds for programs, which are not otherwise provided by At Home (ie school soccer team, school band trip, singing lessons, etc.).


Katherine Lowe, President - Former marketing and sales consultant to various Silicon Valley Tech companies. Previous work within Utah and national politics. Bachelor of Communications from BYU - Idaho.

Benjamin Tingey, Treasurer
 - Manager at KPMG, CPA, Bachelor of Accounting and Masters of Professional Accountancy from Brigham Young University, 

Allison Zollinger, Secretary - Former Executive Assistant to Permira Advisers, Bachelor of International Studies from University of Utah.

Krisha Jolley, Board Member - Consultant to Google (Akorbi Staffing), Bachelor of Human Development and Family Studies from Brigham Young University..

Kelly McBride, Board Member - Clinician for the Children’s Health Council at the Esther B. Clark School. Bachelor in Sociology and Masters in Social Work from Brigham Young University, Licensed Therapist, specializes in working with victims of trauma.

Ryan Greenburg, Board Member - Customer Research Program Manager for Google, White House Intern during the Obama Administration, Former Student Body President of Brigham Young University, Bachelor of Business Strategy and French.

Laurel Hulme, Board Member - Marketing and Design Manager for immigration firm Fragomen Worldwide, Bachelor in Communications from BYU - Idaho, with training from Stanford University and University of California, San Diego.

Christian Robinson, Board Member - Business Associate for ZS Associates, former Finance Team member for Romney for President, Director for North Korean Aid Group with Rotary International.