At Home Humanitarian is a grassroots effort focused on socially integrating and economically empowering refugees, asylees, and immigrants while building tolerance and understanding throughout their new communities. Our core work focuses on mentor matching, outings, scholarships, and partnerships.


  1. Help newly-arrived persons feel “At Home” in their new communities.
  2. Provide local communities with opportunities to serve "At Home".
  3. Guide newly-arrived persons to becoming self-sufficient and preparing for education and careers.
  4. Foster friendships, learning, tolerance, understanding, and healing among all participants.


Mentorships| Mentors are matched with newly-arrived individuals and families to help guide them through their new lives. They help find solutions to their mentee’s needs, provide outings and connect mentees to other community resources. Mentors commit to spending 8-10 hours a month for 12 months.

Outings | Community Outings focus on helping refugees and immigrants get out, explore and connect. Outings include professional sporting events, hiking, museums, family dinners, sightseeing, career exploration days, cooking classes, etc. Our biggest outing is Welcome Weekend, a 3-day 2-night retreat held at various locations, and serve 150-200 refugees each retreat. Welcome Weekends are completely free and provide refugees with an opportunity to make new friends, explore the great outdoors, relax, heal, and learn.

Scholarships | Developmental Scholarships can be used in a variety of ways. Youth can apply for funds for summer camps, music classes or school sports while adults can use the funds for education.

Partnerships | At Home Humanitarian serves as a supplementary service to all resettlement organizations. Through partnerships, we identify refugee and high-need immigrant clients in need of community connections and provide them with access to mentors, outings and scholarships. Additionally, partnerships allow AHH to successfully connect clients to resources.

President, Katherine Lowe (Independent NPO and Corporate Consultant)
Treasurer, Benjamin Tingey (The Connor Group)
Secretary, Allison Zollinger (Permira Advisers)
Board, Ryan Greenburg (Google)
Board, Linda Keegan (Linda Keagan Consulting)

Board, Elisa Parry (International Development)