Mentorships | Mentors are matched with newly-arrived individuals and families to help guide them through their new lives. They help find solutions to their mentee’s needs, provide outings and connect mentees to other community resources.

About | Within just two years of operation, At Home Humanitarian has successfully matched close to 130+ volunteer mentors with newly-arrived individuals and families throughout the Bay Area. These mentors dedicate 8-10 hours per month for 12 months helping their mentees become self-sufficient and feel At Home. Mentors do so by providing guidance in all aspects of, not only life within the United States but healthy lifestyles in general. Mentors also provide their mentees with opportunities to get out and explore their new surroundings. This type of recreational therapy greatly alleviates the sense of isolation often, if not always, experienced by our refugee and immigrant clients.

Process | In order to become a volunteer mentor of At Home Humanitarian, potential candidates must pass interviews, background checks, complete mentor training, become a mandated reporter, as well as adhere to all regulations provided within the AHH Mentor Handbook. Additional training content and process information can be found here.

Needs | To this point, At Home Humanitarian has facilitated the matching process, training, and management of our mentors, thanks entirely to the work of volunteer administrators. Marketing, website development, recruiting, vetting, insurance, background checks, ongoing management, partnerships, content development, and CRM software (along with a paid employee to facilitate) are just a few examples of what is needed to run an efficient mentorship program capable of bringing true hope to those we serve.

  • CRM Software
  • Website Development
  • Liability and Mentor Insurance
  • Full-Time Program Manager
  • Training Development
  • Online and Offline Volunteer Recruitment
  • Office Space and Supplies
  • Resource Library Development
  • Background Checks
  • Partnership Management