Partnerships | At Home Humanitarian serves as a supplementary service to all resettlement organizations. Through partnerships, we identify refugee and high-need immigrant clients in need of community connections and provide them with access to mentors, outings, and scholarships. Additionally, partnerships allow AHH to successfully connect clients to resources.

Organizations | At Home Humanitarian partners with a variety of organizations in order to identify those in need, attract quality volunteers, and provide community resource connections for our clients.

  • Catholic Charities of Santa Clara
  • Catholic Charities of San Francisco
  • Burma Refugee Family Network
  • The Newcomers Health Program of San Francisco
  • Refugee and Immigrant Forums of Santa Clara, East Bay, Sacramento and San Francisco
  • San Mateo County Immigrant Services
  • International Rescue Committee of Oakland
  • Lao Family Community Development
  • Hands On Bay Area
  • No One Left Behind
  • Opening Doors
  • Pars Equality